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Why your new JVM build tool is making things worse, aka use Maven to execute your build

There are a few principles that I would like the ecosystem of build tool developers to adopt so we can all get on the same page. Here they are in priority order: The build tool should be designed to make … Continue reading

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Mustache is logic-less but the logic has to go somewhere

As the developer of I get a lot of feature requests to break the mustache language and add real logic to the templates. In virtually every case the reason the developer wanted the functionality was because they were using mustache with a template … Continue reading

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What is new and interesting in JDK 7?

I wanted to document the most interesting features of JDK 7 here, for my own gratification and to make a place where you can contribute your great finds:

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New features and extensions in

Almost a year and a half ago I talked about my implementation of mustache, which I call Since then, we used it to develop Bagcheck and it has also been adopted for a variety of use cases by Netflix, Twitter … Continue reading

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Using Closures, Method Handles and Extension Methods in Java 8 (JSR-335)

Update: A bunch of code from hotspot was just integrated into the bsd-port and some of it breaks the build. Use my distribution at the end of this blog post if you want to test the features. In December JSR-335 … Continue reading

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Testing out Percona and HandlerSocket with AvroBase

The great thing about the AvroBase interface is that it can be used with many different datastores because of its relatively low requirements on those stores. HandlerSocket is a plugin for MySQL that gives you direct access to the low … Continue reading

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What does the Facebook security thing mean to users?

You might have read a lot about the Facebook issue over the last couple of days. The technical description of this is pretty complicated but the implications are pretty clear. When you use applications on Facebook and they use a … Continue reading

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HAvroBase: a searchable, evolvable entity store on top of HBase and Solr

Building out a social consumer internet product that could change quickly and evolve over time puts special requirements on the underlying data store. You need to be prepared for scale but not investing too much too early, your business may … Continue reading

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Static-typing is a powerful metadata database, exploit it!

Today someone decided to pretend they knew something about how a modern statically typed language developer works.  Perhaps they are big emacs fans or something because they felt that static-types leading to autocomplete in an IDE was somehow a feature … Continue reading

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Building the ideal web application template engine

A month and a half ago I had put out a call for what I was calling the ‘ideal web application template engine‘ along with a list of requirements that I thought would be present in such a system.  Since … Continue reading

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